Genuine ELWEMA spares and wearing parts for RPM systems

Genuine ELWEMA parts – quality and safety

We recommend that in sourcing spares and high-wear components, you should always go for ELWEMA original quality. By opting for genuine ELWEMA parts you will reduce failure probabilities while optimizing the performance of your equipment, regardless of which alternative you are using:

  • Manufactured and outsourced parts
  • Spare/wearing part packages
  • Spare/wearing part packages supplied with new equipment

Your benefits:

  • Long service life
  • Minimum downtimes
  • Reliable processes

Process-relevant components:

Assembly systems (tools, part feeders)

  • Joining heads for valve seat rings (VR)
  • Joining mandrels for valve guides (VF
  • Key placing tools, collets
  • Preformed hoses
  • Shuttles (e.g., conveyor, oil restrictor)
  • Orienting rails

Cleaning (process tools)

  • 300 bar high-pressure lances
  • 300 bar tornado nozzles

Test equipment (leak testing)

  • Sealing plates, sealing dies
  • •Moulded seals

Grippers (RPM systems)

  • Robot grippers, gripper valves
  • Gripper jaws for valve seats and guides
  • Gripper jaws for valve discs
  • Gripper jaws for plugs
  • Valve spring pins
  • Workpiece nests, locating pins

Spare part management

Re-use spare parts

  • Re-use instead of new parts
  • Warranty same as for new parts
  • Quality equivalent to new parts

Product examples:

  • Steam generator
  • Destaco cylinders
  • Joining spindles