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Simply innovative
Außenansicht der ELWEMA Zentrale in Ellwangen.


// Experience


Our background is in the automotive industry. You can therefore rely 100% on our cutting-edge technology. Fully automated automobile production requires total process reliability and efficiency – requirements which must also be fulfilled by the machines and systems we supply and integrate into production.

Achieving this accordingly high availability has become second nature to the company, thanks to many decades of collaboration with the most demanding of customers. For you, this extensive expertise will pay off immediately: With the fast and constant usability of our systems and the quality you can achieve with them.

Some examples of the benefits:

  • Quick assembly and/or quick recommissioning and a prompt start-up
  • Guaranteed high quantities with a low error rate
  • Good measurability of cycle times
  • Long service life with minimal downtimes

// Responsibility


Behind every successful company name is a team of employees who contribute their skills and ideas every day and thus create a profile for the company. We want to build a long-term, sustainable and reliable partnership with our customers and suppliers. Maintaining personal contact is important to us – expert contact persons are available to help with every project phase.

// Oliver Merget


Since 2021, CEO Oliver Merget has been managing the company’s fortunes with great commitment and strategic foresight, leading ELWEMA successfully into the future. The automation specialist has gained over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and process automation in an international market environment at both listed and medium-sized companies. His responsibilities included product marketing and development, production, engineering and sales in different roles up to general management in global companies at their various locations.

// Thomas Fohrer


In November 2021, Thomas Fohrer started working for the MAX Group as CFO at a sister company of ELWEMA. He has been CFO of ELWEMA since March 2023. In his professional career spanning more than 25 years, he has gained experience in the fields of management consultancy, media, software development, engineering services, planning companies in the pharmaceutical sector, the construction industry and special machine construction – almost exclusively in an international environment. His activities and responsibilities included the modelling and organisation of finance, HR and IT organisations, M&A transactions and successful restructuring measures.

// Eberhard Ilg

Director of Design Engineering

In October 2002, Eberhard Ilg began his career at ELWEMA as a design engineer and project manager in the mechanical design department. He took on the role and responsibility of design manager in 2007. Since 2008, he has been in charge of the overall management of the engineering division across all locations. Eberhard Ilg is responsible for the engineering, development and technological realisation of our machines.

// Michael Grupp

Director of Sales

Michael Grupp joined ELWEMA in January 1995 as a member of the project planning and sales team. His degree in mechanical engineering meant that, after a short introductory period, he was able to take on responsibility as a point of contact for customers, project and project management at both national and international level. During the internationalisation phases, he took care of development in various markets and regions worldwide. Michael Grupp has been Director of Project Planning and Sales since 2007 and has also been responsible for integrating after sales into the sales organisation since 2018.

// Anton Kurz

Director of Project Management

Anton Kurz joined ELWEMA as an electrical design engineer in August 1990. After managing projects within electrical design and on-site management, he switched to project management, which he now also heads. In over 30 years, he has gained experience with projects in Germany, Europe, North Korea, China, the USA, Mexico and Brazil for all well-known car manufacturers.

// Wolfgang Rieger

Director of Operations

In May 2023, Wolfgang Rieger returned to ELWEMA as Director of Operations after ten years working for other international and listed companies. With his expertise and knowledge gained from 30 years of professional experience, he has successfully been in charge of national and international projects as a project manager. His responsibilities included turnkey projects in an international environment. He also has in-depth knowledge of the introduction and implementation of quality management systems.

// We are ELWEMA:

Simply Innovative

// Facts and figures


  • Founded in 1979
  • Two sites in Germany and one in the USA
  • > 70 customer locations all around the world
  • Machines delivered to plants on five continents and in over 20 countries
  • Owner: MAX Automation GmbH

// Our values


To support our customers’ success, we invest in innovations and ensure our products’ effectiveness through quality and service. By expanding our global presence, we are opening up new markets and paving the way for continuous growth.

TECHNOLOGY IS OUR INSPIRATION, INNOVATION IS OUR DRIVE – “Simply innovative” is our company motto, which is also synonymous with our open corporate culture that values diversity and creativity.

Company-orientated thinking and action unites all areas of ELWEMA. By working in a solution-oriented, sustainable and trustworthy manner, we have been able to expand our corporate success in recent years and also fulfil our social and environmental responsibilities.

// Sustainability and environment


Thanks to the holistic approach of our systems, we can achieve exceptional energy efficiency: By taking a holistic approach to our systems, we achieve unique energy efficiency:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Resource-efficient and eco-friendly thanks to low water consumption
  • Controllable energy demand
  • Space-saving design
  • Flexibly adaptable to changing requirements
  • Long service life

// Comliance

As a partner to our customers, e.g. in the automotive industry, we are aware of our responsibility and keep an eye on compliance with the targets and processes we have set ourselves.

However, should there be any infringements or misconduct, we would be grateful for any information and would take it very seriously.


In accordance with the stipulations of the EU Whistleblowing Directive, it is possible to report this.

Click here for the whistleblower system

// Milestones


The history of ELLWANGER WERKZEUG-UND MASCHINENBAU GMBH began in 1979 – a lot has happened since then and the company has grown from a regional machine manufacturer into a global player.


// Worldwide


From our sites in Germany and the USA, we offer our customers a reliable global service on five continents, in over 20 countries and at over 70 sites. Thanks to our partner sites in Beijing and Shanghai, our customers’ Chinese plants are also supported with the usual promptness and quality.