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Simply innovative
Jugendliche - Junge lächelt und Mädchen blickt in die Zukunft.

Training and studying with ELWEMA

// The place to start your career

You can look forward to an exciting professional life and we will be happy to assist you with advice and practical support. After all, we know from our own experience that it takes time to feel completely in your element in your field of work. Where might you fit in at ELWEMA?

#Pioneering technologies

// Innovations for the world

We offer the opportunity to experience an international working environment. We work for many sectors all around the world. Renowned companies appreciate our innovative systems for wide-ranging applications.

#Exciting prospects

// Good work should be rewarded

Everyone here is important! That’s why ELWEMA will not only offer to take you on after completing your training or studies, it also offers work-life balance models. This includes flexible working hours, remote working, part-time models, healthcare management and, needless to say, an appropriate compensation package.

You will receive capital forming savings payments and the “Ellwanger Jobgutschein” (an employee voucher to be spent at Ellwangen-based businesses) from the start.

#Plenty of variety and creativity

// Anything but dull

You won’t be bored working for us because there are always new and varied tasks in special machine construction. This means that you not only need to have expertise, but also creativity.

Ein ELWEMA Mitarbeiter erklärt einem anderen etwas.
Azubis beim gemeinsamen Mittagessen am Tisch
#A corporate culture where you are appreciated

// Strong as a team

We work hand in hand – across ages, departments and locations. Our doors are open and our modern management culture means that we are approachable and offer mutual support. Our managerial staff will motivate, challenge and support you.

Ein ELWEMA Mitarbeiter erklärt einem Auszubildenden etwas.
#Environmental awareness

// Thinking about tomorrow, today

We use raw materials and energy sparingly and produce as little waste, wastewater and as few other emissions as possible. Our concern for the environment is also reflected by our resource-efficient products.

#Regular excursions and celebrations

// Work hard, play hard

Our annual excursion for trainees and students is always a highlight. It also helps learners to see the “bigger picture”.

We have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Our summer and Christmas celebrations are legendary.

#Interesting opportunities for development

// Learning opportunities for those who want to grow

During training, you will be attending technical seminars and specialist courses in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Even when you have finished your training or studies, you will still have the opportunity to continuously grow in your field of work through further training and other development opportunities.