New training offer starting 2019

Starting in the 2019 training year, ELWEMA Automotive also offers a cooperative degree program in mechanical engineering with emphasis on mechatronics. As in the mechanical engineering program with emphasis on design & development, the theoretical part will be administered at the Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heidenheim.

Apprenticeship places filled for 2018

We are glad to announce that we have been able to allocate all our apprenticeships for 2018 and are looking forward to our new young colleagues joining us this autumn.

Your opportunity in our company

Helping young people get ahead by career development is a particularly important task, and ELWEMA lives up to the challenge. Our aim is to provide trainees and graduates with a perspective, to expand their knowledge and skills, and to shape their future – thereby strengthening the future of ELWEMA Automotive at the same time.

Given the current substantial shortage of skilled labour and the encouraging experience we have gathered to date, ELWEMA is continuously expanding its vocational training activities. While in 2008 we hired only 2 apprentices, their number rose to 6 for the first year of training in 2012 – and the figure is rising. By late 2012, apprentices and trainees made up 10% of our workforce. Since 2014, a total of 20 young people have been receiving vocational training in our company.

Each year, we provide training in the following professions:

Technical product designers (m/f)

Mechatronicians (m/f)

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f – Mechanical engineering with emphasis on design and development)

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f – Mechanical engineering with emphasis on mechatronics)

Training partners

The theoretical training – e.g., trade school or theoretical block periods – received by our trainees as part of their studies at DHBW is commonly administered at the Aalen Technical School and DHBW Heidenheim. Basic metalworking and electrical skills are taught in cooperation with the new Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Training Center in Aalen.

Cooperative study program

As of the 2017 vocational training year, ELWEMA Automotive GmbH has been operating a program enabling students to obtain a dual qualification in only 5 years' time. This training offer is directed at high-school graduates who actually aim for an academic education but would like to gain practical experience as well.

The cooperative study program combines an apprenticeship in mechatronics (with an exam held and a diploma issued by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce) with a regular Bachelor's degree in mechatronics and robotics, thus relieving the trainee of the hard choice between vocational training and a college education.

The students (m/f) initially learn the mechatronician's trade in practice, then study the subject in-depth on an academic level while enrolled at Heilbronn College (Sontheim Campus). Our theoretical training partner at the apprenticeship stage is Crailsheim Trade School, which prepares the trainees for their degree course. During semester breaks the students employ their new theoretical knowledge in our company, working on specific projects.

Advantage: Participants in the program are financially independent, even during their time at college. An attractive remuneration is paid through the entire apprenticeship and college phase.

The cooperative study program @ ELWEMA

Partner college: HS Heilbronn

Application deadlines

Application deadline for the cooperative study program 2019: Sept. 15, 2018
Application deadline for college admission in the cooperative program 2019: Sept. 15, 2018
Application deadline for apprenticeship places 2019: August 31, 2018
For a meaningful application please send us your cover letter, C.V. and the last two school reports. Further relevant supporting documents – e.g., drawings – will also be welcome.

Your contact person for Training
Anna Dolinger
+49 7961 877-380